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About the Project
XeonOS is a project to create a user-oriented operating system based on the Linux kernel and GNU utilties.
User-oriented means:
  • The user is in control of the system. (Subject to security status)
  • The system is user-friendly.
  • The system does not limit what the user's options. (Within reason)
The best example of a user-oriented operating system currently in existence is the MacOS prior to MacOS X. The aim of the XeonOS project is to create a similar user experiance using the Linux kernel.
A secondary objective of the project is to create a easy to use API and to create a replacement for X11.
The project is divided into several sections. These are:
  • Mirrors: A modern, flexible buffered windowing system based on SDL and designed to replace X11. OpenGL will be used to achive speed and special effects, although development will not initially use OpenGL.
  • Smoke: A toolkit, widget set and application framework for use with mirrors. This will achive a modern and consistent user experience.
  • Fire: A desktop environment and set of utility and accessory applications based on Smoke/Mirrors. This will be the main focus of the user experience. This will include creating simple applications and developer interfaces. Part of this will involve creating a "novice-level" programming environment and language based on LUA.
  • Water: An attempt to clean up and simplify the Linux filesystem in a similar way to the classic MacOS. This will include the creation of a daemon program and an alternative boot sequence. This will be done in a way that will maintain compatability with legacy Linux applications.
  • Earth: A set of network services for XeonOS designed to bring its simplicity to networking and the internet. This will include a powerful personal filesharing system.
The system will be built in roughly the order of these bullet points. Work on Mirrors is currently underway and will probably be complete by the second quarter of 2006. XeonOS should reach v1.0 by early 2008.

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